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What $300k Will get you in These Three Utah Counties

According to Zillow, the median value of homes in Utah is $298,348. So we decided to see, what exactly will $300,000 get you in Utah? We did some research and found out what $300k will get you in these three Utah Counties. Remember, for all ...

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6 Steps to Buying a Home

Prevent delays in the home buying process by learning more about the necessary steps you should take before beginning. Doing the proper research ahead of time can limit stress and give you a sense of confidence as you move forward. Step 1 â...

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Home Mortgage Loan Basics

If you’re lucky enough to pay cash for your home, you’re one of the few who won’t have need of a home mortgage loan. Otherwise, you’ll want to consider another option when it comes to buying your dream home. Securing a home loan is the ...

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5 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

So, you think you might be ready to purchase your first home. If you are a first-time buyer, the home buying process might be confusing and you may be nervous about paying a mortgage. But guess what? If you are paying rent, you actually ARE pa...

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What Buyers Need to Know About Home Inspections

So you’ve been house hunting for weeks and just found the perfect home. You wrote an offer, negotiated, and the sellers accepted. Congratulations! Now that you’re under contract, you’ll want to arrange for a home inspection. The purpose ...

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Why You Should Use Skype to Help With Your PCS

You have your new orders to PCS to Hill AFB–congratulations! And, you’ve decided you’d like to make the best use of your BAH and VA benefits to purchase a home here–great! The problem is, you’re currently stationed across the country...

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The Cost of Renting

The cost of renting a home is often more than the cost of investing in property. Let us help you find your next dream home. Our website allows you to search all properties for sale, save searches, and register for automatic listing aler...

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Low Down Payment

Many individuals believe that they need to save a full 20% for their down payment on a home. Down payments don’t have to be that pricey anymore though! Some down payments can be as low as 0-5%! Contact us today to learn more!

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Don’t be Surprised by Closing Costs

Buyer Surprise According to a recent survey conducted by ClosingCorp, over half of all homebuyers in the United States are surprised by the unexpected closing costs they have to shell out to obtain their mortgage to purchase a home. Yikes! ...

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