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2017 BAH Rates for Hill AFB

After months of speculation—“Will our BAH go up, stay the same, or (gulp!) go down!?”, 2017 BAH rates for Hill AFB have been released. BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) is tax-free money paid to service members based on rank, dependent status, and location, and the 2017 BAH rates for Hill AFB are below:

2017 BAH Rates

Is it Still a Good Time to Purchase a Home With BAH?

Yes! Interest rates are historically low, and as a service member, you have the unique opportunity to put $0 down, and use tax-free money to benefit from the tax breaks of home ownership since taxes and mortgage interest are tax deductible each year you own the home. This means you can earn equity on a home that is paid with your tax-free BAH!

VA loan benefits + BAH = HOME OWNERSHIP

If you aren’t ready to retire yet and aren’t buying your “forever home”, should you even purchase a home? And what happens when you PCS again? As we know, the reality is most military members do not stay in the same location, but that does not mean you can’t, or shouldn’t purchase a home. Purchasing a home while on Active Duty is a great way to supplement your military retirement income! When you live on base or rent, the housing office or landlord enjoys the tax breaks instead. Make your money work for you!

We Are Your Military Relocation Specialists

We are your local real estate experts and military relocation specialists. We have helped dozens of military personnel find their dream homes. We can help you find a home that will meet or exceed your needs.

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We earned the National Association of Realtors Military Relocation Professional (MRP) designation, which in addition to our personal military experience, gives our team access to additional resources to help military members with their PCS moves and to help them determine if it makes financial sense to purchase a home.

Our team specializes in helping military members accumulate wealth through home ownership. Contact us now at 801-821-9400, or email us at [email protected] for a free military consult, and learn how you can use your 2017 BAH rates for Hill AFB to help you purchase a home!