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Hill Air Force Base Housing

Are you currently stationed at or PCSing soon to Hill AFB? Lucky you! Hill AFB is a great place to be stationed and there are countless recreational opportunities all around the area such as skiing, fishing and hiking to choose from, so you’ll always have something to do here. If you’re like most people, your first order of business shortly after arriving at Hill Air Force Base Lodging is to get out of Hill Air Force Base Lodging as fast as possible and into your own place! There are 3 Hill AFB housing options to choose from:

  1. Living on base
  2. Renting
  3. Purchasing

We’ll discuss the pros and cons below so you can make the best choice for you and your family.

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Living On Base

Most of us have probably chosen to live on base at one time or another. Back in the day, most of us lived on base because we thought it was “free housing.” After all, that’s what everyone told us, right? You didn’t have to write a rent check or pay for utilities, so it felt like it was free living. Of course it wasn’t, but it probably was the most convenient housing option, which is why many of us chose to live on base.

  • PROS – Convenient, close to work, no worries about receiving short-notice orders, rent amount based on pay and allowances.
  • CONS – It’s not free and may not be the best use of your BAH! You’re essentially using your BAH to pay a civilian organization to update, maintain (and in some cases) construct your home. And Yikes! “Rent amount based on pay and allowances”—didja catch that? Yes, this one is listed in both the pros and cons because you may be paying hundreds of dollars more per month for the exact same home as your neighbor due to your rank or dependent status.


Renting allows you choose your neighborhood based on schools, commute times, shopping locations, etc… You can use your Hill Air Force Base BAH amount to cover your entire rent if you’re lucky enough to find a home in your allowance rate, or to greatly offset your rent.

  • PROS – Choose wherever you’d like to live! Prefer a 30 minute commute? No problem. It’s your choice. Search to your heart’s content and when you find a home that fits your criteria, submit an application, pay a deposit, sign a lease, and it’s yours until you either end the lease or receive military orders somewhere else (Utah landlords honor a military clause for rentals–but be sure to double check that on signing).
  • CONS – Not all landlords are pet friendly, so it make take some extra searching to find a home to rent if you have pets. Many people choose to rent because they don’t want the hassle of a mortgage payment, but remember, you may not be paying your own mortgage, but you’re still paying someone else’s.


Purchasing a home has long been referred to as “The American Dream.” Choose your location, the style of home, school district, commute times, etc…and you can use your BAH to pay your own mortgage and invest in your future.

  • PROS – Purchasing a home, especially using your VA benefit with $0 down and no monthly mortgage insurance, may be a very wise financial decision and could also be a great way to supplement your military retirement. Often times we see monthly mortgage amounts with lower monthly payments than local rent amounts. Not to mention, you have the freedom to paint the walls any color you’d like, change carpeting, etc. to make it your own.
  • CONS – As much as you may want to purchase a home because you understand living on base is the same as paying someone else’s mortgage, it is not always the best option for every situation. If you’re not sure how long you’ll be stationed at Hill, renting or living really may be your best option, UNLESS you’d be interested in renting out your home if and when you depart from Hill AFB. (We can help with that too!)

Call Cory at 801-821-9400 or Rhonda at 801-821-9401 to discuss your Hill AFB housing options. We have a military relocation team standing by to help you!