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Why You Should Use Skype to Help With Your PCS

You have your new orders to PCS to Hill AFB–congratulations! And, you’ve decided you’d like to make the best use of your BAH and VA benefits to purchase a home here–great! The problem is, you’re currently stationed across the country, or even overseas and can’t fly out for a house hunting trip. Soooo, you’ll have to wait to get here, then scrunch your family into billeting while you search for homes, hoping you can find the perfect home right away and then schedule your household goods to arrive as soon as you close on the home….right? Maybe that’s the way people did things in the old days, but not anymore! Our team understands what it’s like to PCS and purchase a home, so we’ve implemented technology such as Skype to help with your PCS to Hill AFB.

Here are 5 Ways Using Skype can Help with your PCS to Hill AFB:

Our clients use our search website to search for homes. Once you locate 2-3 of your favorites, we’ll Skype and give you a personal tour of the home so you can see all of the features and get a feel for the neighborhood. And, if you have school-age kids, once you’ve made your offer, you can enroll them in their new school right away, and help with their transition as well.

Let’s face it. PCSing is exciting, but it can, and usually is, somewhat stressful. Where are the best areas? Schools? What about commute times? When we Skype, we can show you the neighborhoods surrounding the homes you are interested in, and give you a personal consultation to answer all of your questions to help make your PCS as stress-free as possible.

Rather than spending money to stay in billeting, frequent meals out, storage costs and everything else associated with temporary living, we will work diligently to coincide your closing date with your arrival date so you can immediately start using your BAH to build equity in your new home.

Anyone who has stayed in billeting knows that tripping over your suitcases, kids, and sometimes even dogs, while being cooped up in a 600 sq ft temporary living, isn’t exactly convenient and can cause a lot of unneeded stress. When we Skype and show you homes before you arrive, you may only need to stay one or two nights in billeting while you await your home’s closing. We’ve had clients fly in, sign the next morning and have keys in hand the very next day.

The likelihood of your household goods arriving damaged dramatically decreases with door-to-door moves. Since you’ve already decided on the home you’d like to purchase and we ’ve already worked to make sure your move in dates coincide with your arrival, there is often no need to store your household goods. Simply schedule a door-to-door move once we have your closing date. How easy and convenient is that?

Our team understands the importance of technology and we use it to make your move easier. We’ve helped many families with their PCS moves to Hill AFB by using Skype to show them around the area and select a home to purchase BEFORE they even set foot in Utah. No need to wait until you get here to make an offer! Contact us today at 801-821-9401 or 801-821-9400 and let us show you how we can Skype to help with your PCS to Hill AFB.